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Guys Like Me Last Forever

  Nicholas Ray is known for going against the Hollywood grain. Although he was steeped in the Hollywood environment, and something like an “independent director” didn’t exist as a reality or a phrase, Ray managed to create films that stood out. His 1955 film,   The Lusty Men , stands out as a singular and beautiful reflection on the life of professional rodeo competitors. Based loosely on an article by Claude Stanush in  Life  magazine that described the real life of modern-day rodeo,  The Lusty Men  is a blend of art and documentary, yet the film also transcended both the form and genre. It tells the story of a professional rodeo competitor, Jeff McCloud (Robert Mitchum), who at the beginning of the film is injured by riding a famously dangerous Brahma bull. After 18 years of professional rodeo, Jeff decides to quit, and return to the old family home. After all the spectators have left, Jeff walks through the empty rodeo field. Random garbage and newspapers are flapping in the wind an

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